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Start ProcMon During Boot on Machine You Can’t Logon

Sometimes you might want to run some tracing tools like ProcMon, xperf, wpr, netsh trace, etc on a machine that logon is not completing properly. Often you might be able to use PowerShell remoting, WMI, or psexec to get these … Continue reading

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Case of the Slow Downloads Folder

In Windows 10 on Surface Pro 4, performance is mostly pretty quick. But the first time opening Downloads folder after a restart it was very slow, taking 11 seconds just to display 114 files and 35 directories. To confirm issue … Continue reading

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Case of the Unwanted Chrome Search Modification

A friend’s machine had the Google Chrome home page set to But there is no homepage set in settings. Checking the Chrome Shortcut in Start Menu we can see it’s been modified, so we remove the piesearch parameter. This … Continue reading

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Debugging / Viewing Windows Update Log on Windows 10 Insider Builds

Having confirmed with WinDbg team currently insider builds don’t get public symbols unless it is a major release (They are looking into a solution….) How are we going to debug anything on bleeding edge systems “Fast Track Updates” in the … Continue reading

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Case of the “Server Returned a Referral”

From the development team that brought us such great bugs such as “Invalid Base Key Error” ( and “Continuing Case Of ByRef Corruption” ( on the latest update to the application we got a new error: Of course if you … Continue reading

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App-V Visio and Thick Excel Collide

A 3rd party Excel add-in had stopped working for a group of users, and they all received an error message on launching Excel: Microsoft Visual Basic for ApplicationsSystem Error &H8007007E (-2147024770) Unfortunately the VBA code in question was from the … Continue reading

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Case of the Office XP Web Component ActiveX

There was a website used for reporting, but when users went onto Windows 7 for some users the reports did not show up, only on some user machines. For this type of issues I typically like to get two logs: … Continue reading

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