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Export Large Number of Users from ConfigMgr to CSV with PowerShell

Had a scenario where I required export of 50k+ users from ConfigMgr to do some analysis. However PowerShell cmdlet Get-CMUser just hung for an hour or more. Maybe it would eventually come back with a result, I don’t know… So … Continue reading

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Force DPI Scaling For Configuration Manager Console

Versions of Configuration Manager Console prior to 1704 are painful to use on  4K displays which much of the text either completely unreadable or requires use of magnifier… A shim can be created using Application Compatibility Administrator (x86) from the … Continue reading

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Unable to Import Boot Images in ConfigMgr on Server 2016

Attempting to import any boot image in ConfigMgr console showed the following error: The specified file can not be imported. Make sure the file is not read only and you have read and write access to it. Checking share and … Continue reading

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Case of the Empty Properties in ConfigMgr WMI Queries

To improve ConfigMgr performance, by default not all properties are retrieved when running a WMI query. The ConfigMgr PowerShell cmdlets by default retrieve all properties, but have a –Fast option, which gives us the same results as the normal WMI … Continue reading

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Case of ConfigMgr Setup Updates Failing–Error 0x80072efe

ConfigMgr setup successfully downloaded several thousand files during pre-requisite downloads, then failed with error: An error has occurred while attempting to download or verify required prerequisite components and Setup cannot continue. Review the configmgrsetup.log file for further details. Opening C:\configmgrsetup.log … Continue reading

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