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Process Explorer vs Process Hacker–Part 1 of 2

Process Explorer the tool we’ve all come to love as “Task Manager on Steroids” has been for many IT pros one of the essential tools in their troubleshooting toolkit. Process Explorer was originally released in 1998 under the name NTHandlEx. … Continue reading

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Make Batch Files Run from Network Shares Execute More Quickly

Batch files are read a line at a time, so if over a slow network file, and the batch file is long or using for loops it can take ages to execute. Put this at the beginning of your batch … Continue reading

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Calculate How Long It Takes To Run A Batch File

Sometimes you might want to calcaulte how many hours/minutes/seconds a batch file takes to run. Use this code to do so. Put your own code inside the ‘code to benachmark goes here’ section. @echo off REM TimeDiff – batch file … Continue reading

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SID Resolution & Profile Issues in Windows + SidTest Utility

One thing I’ve found is that some data migration utilities such as USMT 4.0 fail in certain scenarios. This can cause user backup or restore to fail. Some scenarios that cause issues: When a user profile registry key has been … Continue reading

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