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Case of the Group Policy Multiple-Language Overload

I had a colleague ask me “What is with all these languages in Group Policy Results?” Unfortunately this was in Windows XP land and being in Windows 7 so long my memory obviously had a few holes and couldn’t remember … Continue reading

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Windows SysInternals Administrators Reference Review

So as you probably have guessed I’m a big fan of the Windows Internals Series, with versions 4 & 5 having had serious workouts. So with still no Windows Internals 6 on the horizon had to get this as an … Continue reading

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Facebook Rights & Responsibilities vs Google’s Terms of Service

So with the start of Google+ many have been critical of Google’s Terms of Service due to the fact Google “owns” your content. Meanwhile Google claims to be addressing privacy issues of Facebook in Google+ with the very focused sharing … Continue reading

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Process Hacker & Plugins

In my previous blog entry I mentioned one major benefit of Process Hacker is that it has extensibility via Plug-In architecture. (I cannot tell you how much I wish Process Monitor had this capability! Maybe one day when I … Continue reading

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Process Explorer vs Process Hacker–Part 2 of 2

Continuing from Part 1 here we will now compare more advanced features of Process Explorer & Process Hacker. Run As Options Both Process Explorer and Process Hacker have “Run” options. Process Explorer has “Run” and “Run As Limited User”.While … Continue reading

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