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.NET Installation Checker

Sometimes you might want a quick way to check what .NET frameworks are installed on a machine, and whether they are properly working. Microsoft provides a KB article documenting the registry keys required to detect .NET installation here: However … Continue reading

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How To – Using Excel 2010 To Prioritize Your Life

I tend to get bombarded constantly with new things to do, problems to solve, and solutions that need implementing. Instead of taking a random crazy attack on all your tasks it can be a good idea to prioritize them. I’ve … Continue reading

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How To – Filtering Multiple Column Data & Row Highlighting Based on Single Cell in Excel 2010

Let’s say you have some data, and you want to filter out any items that don’t meet a minimum spec. But that minimum spec could be in any of multiple columns. For example let’s say we have a list of … Continue reading

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How to do BINARY conversion using Command Line Only

Sometimes it is useful to be able to know the network address of a machine…I thought about how we could do this in a batch file. To get the network address requires knowing the IP address + Subnet of a … Continue reading

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Resolving Windows 7 Startup BSOD in VMWare using WinDBG

When booting a custom image in VMWare I was crashing and restarting so rapidly couldn’t catch the Blue Screen message. I tried safe mode, and last known configuration to no avail. I used boot logging and noticed the last driver … Continue reading

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Script to collect all event logs off a remote Windows 7 / Server 2008 machine

Unfortunately I often have to work over slow network links. Now in my experience MMC snap-ins such as event viewer are terrible over slow links with many hangs and plentiful “not respondings”. I hate to waste a user’s time by … Continue reading

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why chentiangemalc?

In 2004-2005 I lived in the North East of China, in a small city called Tonghua. Nobody could pronounce my name so I used a Chinese name “陳天歌“ which in Mandarin is pronounced Chen Tian Ge. Chen is a Chinese surname, a … Continue reading

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