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What’s New in Windows 8 Control Panel? (Part 1)

Time to compare Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 with Windows 8 Developer Preview. In this case default installs of 32-bit versions of both OS were used for this comparison. To start we have the new “Metro Control Panel” launched from the … Continue reading

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New Group Policy Settings In Windows 8 Developer Preview (1 of 2)

So this is a Developer Preview, features not complete yet, but already we can see some very exciting Group Policies. Of course these may change when final product is released. But here it is anyway! We see the following ADMX … Continue reading

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My first Win8 + IE10 App Compat Issue

So I’ve been loving the full screen, fast, add-on free, HTML5 IE10 in Windows 8. But unfortunately attempting to logon to internet banking wasn’t working. Front page of OK… Then Boom! Total failure Now of course this could be … Continue reading

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Added/Removed EXEs in Windows 8 “Developer Preview” vs Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise

Here I’ll just do a quick comparison of .EXE in the Windows 8 Developer Preview and Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. Keep in mind Windows 8 is currently a “preview” and is not feature complete, so this will explain some missing … Continue reading

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Hacking Win7 Calculator–Adding Custom Unit Conversion

Windows 7 Calculator has added this nice little unit converters and templates, but I thought it would be cool to be able to customize your own ones. Please note: this is a hack, not a proper solution. This is purely … Continue reading

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Using ProcMon & Fiddler to Debug WinDbg

So I was trying to analyze a kernel mode crash dump in WinDbg – but alas I was getting this message when running !locks 0: kd> !locks****************************************************************************                                                                   ******                                                                   ******    Your debugger is not using the correct symbols                 ******                                                                   ******    In … Continue reading

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