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Case of the DllHost.exe Crash

A problem case had been going on for sometime about DllHost.exe crashing, aka COM Surrogate Host across many Citrix Servers. There were about 1200 crashes a week. We set up a server setup to capture dmp files on application crash. … Continue reading

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Case of the Windows 8 Explorer Hang – Part 1

Boarded the train and tried to connect to Wi-Fi, no luck, explorer mostly working but not the wi-fi button – I was teased networks are available  but clicking the little wireless icon nothing happened. Even if I clicked clicked clicked … Continue reading

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Don’t Use WScript To Launch Batch Files

I had a customer who was rolling out a new Anti-Virus product across tens of thousands of machines via the classic deployment tool ZenWorks 7. However the deployment success was quite low, around 80% success rate. Initial diagnostics by support … Continue reading

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