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Case of the Unwanted Chrome Search Modification

A friend’s machine had the Google Chrome home page set to But there is no homepage set in settings. Checking the Chrome Shortcut in Start Menu we can see it’s been modified, so we remove the piesearch parameter. This … Continue reading

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Case of the IE Hangs-Citrix HDX Flash Redirection

To start with I wanted to capture IE hangs properly. In modern versions of Internet before you capture hang dumps you ideally want to set the TabProcGrowth value to 0 under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main This will force IE to put all … Continue reading

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Patching a PAC File To Improve Performance

Having taken the trouble to write a PAC file debugger ( ) I have to say I’ve seen some pretty horrendous PAC files, where attempts have been made to put the entire network design in this little JavaScript file. … Continue reading

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Case of the Office XP Web Component ActiveX

There was a website used for reporting, but when users went onto Windows 7 for some users the reports did not show up, only on some user machines. For this type of issues I typically like to get two logs: … Continue reading

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Case of the Office 365 “Something Went Wrong”

Intermittently in SharePoint Online the Office 365 toolbar would just not appear. In other cases it would appear but Outlook Web Access would get stuck at logon and eventually fail with message “something went wrong”  This problem only occurred to … Continue reading

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PacDbg + Custom Proxy Browser + Set Proxy Cmd Line Tool

My collection of proxy utils published to github. The C# .NET 4.0 source code and latest versions of these utilities is published on GitHub here: To just download the pre-compiled .NET 4.0 executables (may not be latest versions):!3551&authkey=!AKu4VpNZzDXU51kContinue reading

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Use RunAs For Proxy Authentication on Windows

Sometimes you may run into a situation where: You have a proxy server that requires authentication You are unable to run the program under an account that has proxy access The program doesn’t respond to “407” Proxy Authentication Required by … Continue reading

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