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Watch Out For the Virtual Store

Had an interesting application deployment issue. The issue was described to me like this: We deploy an upgrade to the application, which is an ACCESS database app (ah the wonderful world of enterprise applications) that connects to a backend SQL. … Continue reading

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Using Fiddler To Prove It’s Not Your Fault

I look after end-user computing devices – the laptops, desktops, mobile devices across corporate environments. One common theme for anyone providing IT support in this area should know something already: You really need to know how to lay on the … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Compat Cookbook Summary

If you want to know what breaking app-compat changes are in Windows 8 Consumer Preview but don’t want to read the 100 page cookbook here Here’s a summary: OS version is 6.2. Remember to use VerifyVersionInfo Win32 API … Continue reading

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What’s New In Windows 8 Unattend Answer File

From the Microsoft Windows ADK Unattend help file we find the following new items: New Windows Settings The following table describes settings that are new in Windows 8 and Windows Server 8. New Setting Description Microsoft-Windows-EnhancedStorage-Adm Specifies settings for encrypted … Continue reading

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What’s New In Windows 8 Services

If you take a look at a a default installation of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview x64 you’ll notice the following changes in Windows services: Quick Stats Windows 7 Windows 8 Total Services 149 160 Running … Continue reading

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PowerShell Script to Detect If NIC Supports Win8 Network Kernel Debugging

So you’ve tried USB cable debugging and the nightmarish hell that is (or were smart & didn’t try). And your PCs no longer have serial ports. (And yes it’s too slow) So thankfully we finally get network based kernel debugging! … Continue reading

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What’s New In Windows 8 Consumer Preview Group Policy

With Windows 8 Consumer Preview & Windows Server Beta released I’m preparing to upgrade my proof-of-concept Developer Preview corporate image to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Part of this process is to review the new group policies. A real strength … Continue reading

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