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Case of the Word Scroll Hangs in Citrix

A simple one page document was causing Word to freeze on opening, and if it ever did open, attempting to use scroll bar caused some parts of a background image to appear intermittently. 3 dump files were collected using Task … Continue reading

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PowerShell Script to Extract Info From ADMX

Note: This script may need tweaking to handle all ADMX content scenarios. If in-doubt compare output with gpedit.msc, and adjust script as necessary. Also currently this doesn’t handle special characters in the explanation text, they will come back as question … Continue reading

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Windows 10–Active Memory Dump

Windows 10 brings a new type of memory dump: Active Memory Dump. I love this feature, just what I’ve been waiting for. To analyze the Windows 10 Technical Preview Dump files ensure you have the symbols from  This memory … Continue reading

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