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Don’t Use WScript To Launch Batch Files

I had a customer who was rolling out a new Anti-Virus product across tens of thousands of machines via the classic deployment tool ZenWorks 7. However the deployment success was quite low, around 80% success rate. Initial diagnostics by support … Continue reading

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How To Make ProcMon Circular Log to Nail Intermittent Issues

OK I love ProcMon. But leaving it to run the whole day to capture that bizarre random event that you just can’t figure out what causes it is probably not a good idea. Massive ProcMon logs can get very hard … Continue reading

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Make Batch Files Run from Network Shares Execute More Quickly

Batch files are read a line at a time, so if over a slow network file, and the batch file is long or using for loops it can take ages to execute. Put this at the beginning of your batch … Continue reading

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Calculate How Long It Takes To Run A Batch File

Sometimes you might want to calcaulte how many hours/minutes/seconds a batch file takes to run. Use this code to do so. Put your own code inside the ‘code to benachmark goes here’ section. @echo off REM TimeDiff – batch file … Continue reading

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Case Of The Outlook Attachment Open Fail

When trying to playback a voice mail message from Outlook a user received the following message This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer: Windows Media Player Rich Preview Handler Attempting to double click the … Continue reading

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Using SMB sniffing to determine target’s host name, domain, OS version, system time and time zone

Once again needed an alternative method to “verify” a massive list of computers : 1) The machines existed on the network 2) that DNS was resolving to the actual machine on the list. i.e. when verifying machine name “PC-1234” I … Continue reading

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Ping A List Of Computers and Double Check DNS name against NetBios name

I’ve seen in the past where environments use Dynamic DNS to update clients, where due to bad configuration the DNS on clients gets out of whack, especially if many users moving sites/or PCs replaced. In any case if you have … Continue reading

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