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An Epic Battle of Adobe vs IE vs SAP

This all started out on a Windows 7 deployment project very innocuously. A small group of users would occasionally (2-3 times a week, some people 1-2 times a day) try to browse a web page but get the standard Internet … Continue reading

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Case of the Proxy Failing To Apply By Group Policy

A colleague had an issue with a Windows 7 deployment: every single user group policy deployed correctly, EXCEPT the proxy pac file setting, despite other objects in the exact same group policy object applying correctly. A gpresult /h on the … Continue reading

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IE10 Shows Black Screen

So when browsing in fully maximized Window IE10 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview x64 showed black Window, for any site I browsed to i.e. I tried and Resizing IE Window the web page would display properly, if … Continue reading

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Rules for Successful Decoding of User Terminology

Today provided support to a friend (good use of a public holiday? I can’t escape computers even if I try) While he is an expert in electronics, he is relatively clueless when it comes to operation of computer software. This … Continue reading

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