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Case of the Automatic Outlook Signature Configuration Failure

An environment was using logon batch file, that called a VBS to automatically configure Outlook signatures. The signature had a different image attached to the end of it dependent on current marketing campaign. One day it stopped working, manually running … Continue reading

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Case of the OneDrive for Business “Sorry can’t add your folder right now”

Setting up OneDrive for Business successfully completed sign-in and two factor authentication, but failed on final step with error: Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now Please contact support. Taking a trace with Fiddler showed a HTTP 501 error … Continue reading

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Using PowerShell + Word Interop to Extract Tables from PDFs

I needed to extract some tables from PDFs. If you’ve ever done this before you realise PDF format doesn’t really contain table information, it just contains lines and positions of text. Testing out Tabula which worked reasonably well, but … Continue reading

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Case of the Skype for Business 2015 “Operating System is not presently configured to run this application”

On Windows 10 build 10162 after installing Office 2016 Skype for Business started throwing the error: The operating system is not presently configured to run this application. Using Task Manager I right clicked lync.exe and created a dump file. Opening … Continue reading

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Case of the Visual Basic Environment Could Not Be Initialized

Launching Word we got the following error: Clicking Show Help we get some explanations of potential causes: This error is usually caused by insufficient memory or low disk space. It also occurs when the default Word template (normal.dotm) is corrupt, … Continue reading

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Case of the Word Scroll Hangs in Citrix

A simple one page document was causing Word to freeze on opening, and if it ever did open, attempting to use scroll bar caused some parts of a background image to appear intermittently. 3 dump files were collected using Task … Continue reading

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Case of Excel Conditional Formatting Hang

Previously we saw network traffic causing a hang This time no network traffic was occurring when launching a customer’s payroll Excel Application (XLS file). The application hang occurred in Excel 2010 and 2013, but not in Excel 2003. As … Continue reading

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