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Case of the Panasonic TOUGH Book Barcode Settings Failure

These devices are just a pleasure to build automated deployments for. Not. Many people just give up and use the OEM image. There are a few problems to contend with: #1 – Drivers & Utilities must be installed in correct … Continue reading

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Case of the Broken Linux Driver (Lenovo USB 2.0 Ethernet 10/100 dongle)

We had a customer that was in process of migrating from ZenWorks to SCCM and XP to Windows 7. However there was still XP out there being deployed through a ZenWorks 7 deployment solution. Instead of WinPE the solution is … Continue reading

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Foolproof Windows XP Image 0x7B Fix

If you’re like me and been deploying Windows 7/Windows 8 with MDT or SCCM…you really don’t want to go around touching XP images ever again. However unfortunately sometimes we have customers who absolutely need to continue to use XP for … Continue reading

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