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Case of the Black Background Window (.NET Patching)

On Windows XP  a Windows form had a white background, something like this: However on Windows 8 it had a black background like this, making text on the form unreadable:   This is a common AppCompat bug…where the developer instead … Continue reading

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Case of the Invoked Hang (.NET)

A .NET application was hanging completely when certain background tasks were occurring. Using ProcDump ( ) with option Procdump –ma <process name> i captured a 3 dump files about 10 seconds apart, to identify where hang was occurring. Opening dmp … Continue reading

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Case of the Skype for Business 2015 “Operating System is not presently configured to run this application”

On Windows 10 build 10162 after installing Office 2016 Skype for Business started throwing the error: The operating system is not presently configured to run this application. Using Task Manager I right clicked lync.exe and created a dump file. Opening … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Build Upgrades Break VMWare Workstation Network

Every Windows 10 build upgrade breaks network access in VMWare Workstation Virtual machines. This is fixed by ensuring all VMs are suspended/shutdown then clicking Edit | Virtual Network Editor… Selecting Change Settings Then Restore Defaults   But why is it … Continue reading

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Case of the Slow PowerShell Logon Script

A logon script was taking 30-40 seconds to run at logon. $domain = "contoso" $Searcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher("domain",$domain) $Searcher.Filter = ("(sAMAccountName=$env:username)") $user=$searcher.FindOne() $ugroups=$User.GetDirectoryEntry().memberOf $ugroups -split ‘=,’ | ForEach-Object { $Searcher.Filter = ("(distinguishedName=$_)") $groups=$searcher.FineOne() $nested=$groups.GetDirectoryEntry().memberOf if($nested -like "CN=*") { $ugroups = … Continue reading

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