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Netsh Trace–Use It!

One of the great advantages of Windows 7/2008 R2 is the built in network tracing capability. (I think this was included in Vista/Server 2008 but that memory has been erased from my mind) NetSh itself has now become a vastly … Continue reading

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NetSh Static IPv4 Address Mysteries

Using NetSh to set static IP address I’ve come what seemed to be some strange behaviour. Searching the net this seems to be a re-occurring problem for many people. To demonstrate the problem we will use our “Local Area Connection” … Continue reading

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Using SMB sniffing to determine target’s host name, domain, OS version, system time and time zone

Once again needed an alternative method to “verify” a massive list of computers : 1) The machines existed on the network 2) that DNS was resolving to the actual machine on the list. i.e. when verifying machine name “PC-1234” I … Continue reading

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Ping A List Of Computers and Double Check DNS name against NetBios name

I’ve seen in the past where environments use Dynamic DNS to update clients, where due to bad configuration the DNS on clients gets out of whack, especially if many users moving sites/or PCs replaced. In any case if you have … Continue reading

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Geeky Excel Formulas – Subnet Math / Group By Subnet using Built-In Excel 2010 Formulas

As some of you may know,  I spend 3 hours a day on the train travelling from cow country in Regional Victoria to the big smoke Melbourne…what a perfect time to test the power of Excel formulas to the limits. … Continue reading

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