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PacDbg + Custom Proxy Browser + Set Proxy Cmd Line Tool

My collection of proxy utils published to github. The C# .NET 4.0 source code and latest versions of these utilities is published on GitHub here: To just download the pre-compiled .NET 4.0 executables (may not be latest versions):!3551&authkey=!AKu4VpNZzDXU51kContinue reading

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Use RunAs For Proxy Authentication on Windows

Sometimes you may run into a situation where: You have a proxy server that requires authentication You are unable to run the program under an account that has proxy access The program doesn’t respond to “407” Proxy Authentication Required by … Continue reading

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Command Line Proxy Tool with C# Source

One of the post popular ways to set Windows proxy is either via Group Policy or a script. Often these scripts apply the proxy via a registry change. However if you apply via registry change it can be difficult to … Continue reading

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Netsh Trace–Use It!

One of the great advantages of Windows 7/2008 R2 is the built in network tracing capability. (I think this was included in Vista/Server 2008 but that memory has been erased from my mind) NetSh itself has now become a vastly … Continue reading

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Calculate How Long It Takes To Run A Batch File

Sometimes you might want to calcaulte how many hours/minutes/seconds a batch file takes to run. Use this code to do so. Put your own code inside the ‘code to benachmark goes here’ section. @echo off REM TimeDiff – batch file … Continue reading

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Case Of The Outlook Attachment Open Fail

When trying to playback a voice mail message from Outlook a user received the following message This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer: Windows Media Player Rich Preview Handler Attempting to double click the … Continue reading

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NetSh Static IPv4 Address Mysteries

Using NetSh to set static IP address I’ve come what seemed to be some strange behaviour. Searching the net this seems to be a re-occurring problem for many people. To demonstrate the problem we will use our “Local Area Connection” … Continue reading

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