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Creating a Thumbnail of a Word Document using PowerShell

I was in the process of configuring a number of documents for custom Microsoft Office Templates as per Deploy custom templates in Office 2010 As I had a lot of documents I thought it would be good to automate the … Continue reading

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Case of the Facebook Chat Phone–The Homepage That Wouldn’t Go Away

My wife downloaded a program promoted through Facebook advertised as “Facebook Phone Chat” The software now removed I couldn’t analyse it for malicious content, however it did leave some trademarks. It set the home page to On IE9 this … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Default Scheduled Tasks–Complete Overview

After the experience of disappearing desktop shortcuts as discussed in my previous blog Case of the Missing Desktop Shortcut Icons I decided it was a good idea to make sure there was nothing else unknown occurring in the background of … Continue reading

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Case Of The Outlook Attachment Open Fail

When trying to playback a voice mail message from Outlook a user received the following message This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer: Windows Media Player Rich Preview Handler Attempting to double click the … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Can Teach You PowerShell–Inbuilt Wealth of Scripts

This is looking at all scripts included in Windows 7. These contain a lot of useful sample code. The purpose here is to show you PowerShell scripts included in Windows and where I think the script contains useful code examples … Continue reading

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Case of the IE9 .Partial Download Fail

One of the features many people (me included) had been requesting from IE for a long time was a download manager. IE9 has one, and it is nice when it works. But myself and others I’ve spoken with have had … Continue reading

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