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Case of the Excel Hang on Worksheet Open

Excel was hanging for a long time on a very simple spreadsheet, with no macros, no Office File Validation, and no crazy add-ons, whenever the “Header” worksheet was first activated.   Launching excel with ProcDump in hang mode, we … Continue reading

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Using Excel 2010 to Identify Tasks that Took Too Long from a Log File

OK typically I am using the quick & dirty SMSTrace32.exe for viewing log files…nice clean interface, and highlights errors in red, and also works in WinPE. Simple. In this case I’m looking at a scanstate log file from USMT 4.0. … Continue reading

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Geeky Excel Formulas – Subnet Math / Group By Subnet using Built-In Excel 2010 Formulas

As some of you may know,  I spend 3 hours a day on the train travelling from cow country in Regional Victoria to the big smoke Melbourne…what a perfect time to test the power of Excel formulas to the limits. … Continue reading

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How To – Using Excel 2010 To Prioritize Your Life

I tend to get bombarded constantly with new things to do, problems to solve, and solutions that need implementing. Instead of taking a random crazy attack on all your tasks it can be a good idea to prioritize them. I’ve … Continue reading

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