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Case of the Boot Camp Time Sync Issue

So my Windows 8 installation, in boot camp on MacBook Air, started to have this issue whenever I woke from sleep the time would jump forward 10 minutes, eventually throughout the day the computer may go back to the correct … Continue reading

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Case of the MacOS Finder Non-Stop Crashing

95% of the time I run Windows 8 on my MacBook Air, but for music stuff or iOS dev I boot back into MacOS Mountain Lion. So one day I log into MacOS and every 5 seconds Finder crashed, lost … Continue reading

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Case of the Continually Failing GarageBand Software Update (MacOS)

For a change from the usual Windows stuff here, I bring a MacOS diagnostics article. In this case a brand new shiny MacBook Air Laptop straight out of the box was unable to install the additional sound library via Apple … Continue reading

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