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Case of the CyberLink PowerProducer Stack Overflow

A friend advised me their copy of CyberLink PowerProducer kept crashing when rendering video. The operating system was Windows 7 so first I got a quick look at the report.wer which is located in folders named after the process crashing/hanging … Continue reading

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Case of the Logon Attempt Failed RDP Connection

When attempting to connect from a Windows 8.1 machine to a Server 2008 R2 machine, using a local admin account on the remote machine, the error message provided was The logon attempt failed, this despite confirming the correct account details … Continue reading

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An Experiment in Supporting XP Console Subsystem via Hex Edit Patching

Since at least Visual Studio 2012 Win32 C++ programs compiled by Visual Studio by default do not run on 32-bit Windows XP, unless the following Linker command line option is added: /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE,”5.01″ Attempting to run a program compiled without this … Continue reading

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