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Case of Excel Conditional Formatting Hang

Previously we saw network traffic causing a hang This time no network traffic was occurring when launching a customer’s payroll Excel Application (XLS file). The application hang occurred in Excel 2010 and 2013, but not in Excel 2003. As … Continue reading

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Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide–Book Review

As someone who spends most of his time providing “IT support for IT support” one area I notice many IT people struggle with is performance diagnostics. Tools like Performance Monitor,  XPerf often aren’t utilized at all in the diagnostics process, … Continue reading

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Case of the Excel Hang on Worksheet Open

Excel was hanging for a long time on a very simple spreadsheet, with no macros, no Office File Validation, and no crazy add-ons, whenever the “Header” worksheet was first activated.   Launching excel with ProcDump in hang mode, we … Continue reading

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Case of the “Server Returned a Referral”

From the development team that brought us such great bugs such as “Invalid Base Key Error” ( and “Continuing Case Of ByRef Corruption” ( on the latest update to the application we got a new error: Of course if you … Continue reading

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