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Case of the CertUtil Import Refusing The Correct Password

A colleague advised me they were getting a “strange” error with cert util – it was advising password was incorrect on certificate import – despite being 100% sure they had the correct password – the password worked when importing cert … Continue reading

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Netsh Trace–Use It!

One of the great advantages of Windows 7/2008 R2 is the built in network tracing capability. (I think this was included in Vista/Server 2008 but that memory has been erased from my mind) NetSh itself has now become a vastly … Continue reading

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Process Hacker & Plugins

In my previous blog entry I mentioned one major benefit of Process Hacker is that it has extensibility via Plug-In architecture. (I cannot tell you how much I wish Process Monitor had this capability! Maybe one day when I … Continue reading

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