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Case of the IE8 Download Opening with Wrong Application

When moving from IE6 to IE8 a customer had this issue with a web page. A file with .SIM extension when opened from Desktop opened in correct application. However when launched directly from IE it incorrectly attempted to open in … Continue reading

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Case of the Missing Desktop Shortcut Icons

On Windows 7 a user was reporting their desktop icons kept disappearing, but only specific ones. Each time they got re-created they kept disappearing randomly on Monday mornings. Initial investigation started with the Event Log, and having an approximate time … Continue reading

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Case of the Outlook 2010 Crash on Startup … even Outlook /Safe

One thing I’ve found with Outlook 2010 the hard way is if settings are corrupted or not what Outlook is expecting it will crash on start-up. People who know me know I hate to rebuild a PC to fix a … Continue reading

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Is App Virtualization an App Compat Solution?

A common question from customers migrating to Windows 7 is will application virtualization solutions such as ThinApp / App-V magically solve all Windows XP to Windows 7 migration problems. In this case I’m talking about Desktop applications, not web applications. … Continue reading

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Case of the Frozen Device Driver Uninstall

So I found on my Windows 7 x64 SP1 machine any device driver I tried to uninstall, Device Manager just froze…going on five minutes I thought this is a bit ridiculous. Restarted the machine twice and still had the same … Continue reading

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iPhone Configuration Utility and DLL Hell

In Windows NT 4.0 DLL hell was a common occurrence. It was critical to install all apps, service packs, option packs in very specific orders to get a reliable system. When DLL conflicts occurred it was called ‘DLL HELL’ mostly … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting 101

I love going deep and trying to look into memory dumps and gigabyte sized ProcMon logs, and through pages of API traces, etc. That being said there is a case for the old fashioned classic troubleshooting methods that pretty much … Continue reading

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