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Case of the Object Is Not Set To An Instance of an Object–.NET Patching

Continuing our series on patching .NET code without source ( ) A .NET application which worked fine on Windows 7, started throwing an exception when opening an image in Windows 10’s default editor. However the images still opened OK. … Continue reading

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Case of the .NET Memory Leak via Gfx Driver on Windows 8

A .NET 4 application used to index scanned documents started to fail on Windows 8 Typically the recommendation for Not enough storage is available to process this command might involve: reduce the number of running programs; remove unwanted files from … Continue reading

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PacDbg + Custom Proxy Browser + Set Proxy Cmd Line Tool

My collection of proxy utils published to github. The C# .NET 4.0 source code and latest versions of these utilities is published on GitHub here: To just download the pre-compiled .NET 4.0 executables (may not be latest versions):!3551&authkey=!AKu4VpNZzDXU51kContinue reading

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