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Case of the SAP ‘Do you want to open or save tx.sapssd?’ on IE9

Having in the past week passed all my usual tests for web browsing IE9 was sent off to users for UAT (my confidence was pretty strong as that group included my management and general managers ). Yet I wasn’t surprised … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

As a long time fan of Mark Russinovich – his brilliant Windows Internals Series, his life saving SysInternals Utilities (esp. ProcMon), always intriguing blog, and numerous high quality technical education videos – it was nice to see him take a … Continue reading

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Upgrading Access 97 Application to Access 2010

Those who know me know that I will not let anything get in the way of moving to new technologies such as Office 2010, Windows 7, IE9 etc. Not even a “business critical” Access 97 Application. Of course there are … Continue reading

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The Case of the IMNControlObj Element Not Found Error on SharePoint 2007 in IE9

In testing IE9 for production deployment I came across an issue where some SharePoint menus with ‘mouseOver’ events were not firing. One of the most interesting things about this error in my case: Does not occur on all machines On … Continue reading

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The Case of the Pre-Paid Mobile Credit

Last week my wife purchased $30 pre-paid credit for a Telstra NextG service from an automated machine at Safeway supermarket.  Telstra is already infamous for it’s bad service, and it was no surprise that probably the service they least care … Continue reading

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NetSh Static IPv4 Address Mysteries

Using NetSh to set static IP address I’ve come what seemed to be some strange behaviour. Searching the net this seems to be a re-occurring problem for many people. To demonstrate the problem we will use our “Local Area Connection” … Continue reading

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Saving Application Settings In .NET

I had a requirement to allow certain users to change some application settings, but also to ensure those settings applied to all users. Initially my application used built in .NET settings set to Application scope. The problem these are read-only … Continue reading

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