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Case of the Empty Properties in ConfigMgr WMI Queries

To improve ConfigMgr performance, by default not all properties are retrieved when running a WMI query. The ConfigMgr PowerShell cmdlets by default retrieve all properties, but have a –Fast option, which gives us the same results as the normal WMI … Continue reading

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Check Validity and Download SSL Certs in PowerShell

Little utility I made to check a list of URLs, their SSL certs, including any URLs they redirect to. The entire certificate chain for each host is also downloaded into %temp%\SslCerts folder Script source files can be downloaded here:!Aj0HCnRwyKPhge1bfpIYIlTJ6IugVQContinue reading

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Retrieve Time Machine Password Last Reset via PowerShell

In diagnosing a machine lockout issue I wanted to find the time that: Machine Password was last set in Active Directory Machine Password was last set locally By default when a machine has a healthy connection to Active Directory you … Continue reading

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Case of the Network Name That Couldn’t Be Found

Continuing the series on .NET patching from An application when moved from XP to Windows 8.1 started reporting error The network name cannot be found. A dump file was taken at this point with procdump –ma option ( ) … Continue reading

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Case of the Object Is Not Set To An Instance of an Object–.NET Patching

Continuing our series on patching .NET code without source ( ) A .NET application which worked fine on Windows 7, started throwing an exception when opening an image in Windows 10’s default editor. However the images still opened OK. … Continue reading

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Case of the .NET Memory Leak via Gfx Driver on Windows 8

A .NET 4 application used to index scanned documents started to fail on Windows 8 Typically the recommendation for Not enough storage is available to process this command might involve: reduce the number of running programs; remove unwanted files from … Continue reading

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Case of the Black Background Window (.NET Patching)

On Windows XP  a Windows form had a white background, something like this: However on Windows 8 it had a black background like this, making text on the form unreadable:   This is a common AppCompat bug…where the developer instead … Continue reading

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