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Case of the Lenovo Driver Download Fail–500 Internal Server Error

Needed to update the graphics driver on a Lenovo Carbon X1, quick google found the driver easy: Click the link… The page failed to load in any browser. Searching from home page also failed…   Checking with Fiddler I … Continue reading

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Case of the 30 minute Windows 7 Logon

After following a similar approach as below: I still hadn’t found any obvious cause of slow logon, except that it was in Win Logon Init phase. CPU, Storage, Memory, and Disk usage are all low: Expanding Generic Events, looking … Continue reading

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Case of the Hanging App on Windows 7

An application after migrated to Windows 7 was hanging all the time. It didn’t hang on Windows XP. The first question I asked was the entire system freezing or just the application? i.e. when app was hung, were other applications … Continue reading

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Case of the Full Screen App Hidden by The Taskbar

I’d been called in to assist support a 3rd party software vendor debug their own software, as several issues had been opened for weeks without hope of resolution. One issue was that when program was running on Windows 7 the … Continue reading

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Case of the Invalid Base Key Error

Continuing my series on .NET patching – refer to for the previous articles more of an overview of using some of the tools described. A “front end” application that was used to launch another application was failing to launch … Continue reading

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.NET 4.5.1 and SqlConnection.Open() = an error occurred during the login process

Windows 7 x64 machines had just been upgraded from .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5.1 via KB2858728 ( which offers the following benefits: Performance and reliability improvements The ability to suspend and resume operations in the ASP.NET page framework The ability … Continue reading

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Case of the CyberLink PowerProducer Stack Overflow

A friend advised me their copy of CyberLink PowerProducer kept crashing when rendering video. The operating system was Windows 7 so first I got a quick look at the report.wer which is located in folders named after the process crashing/hanging … Continue reading

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