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Case of the Win10 HyperV Fail – Property ‘MaxInternalSize’ does not exist in class ‘Msvm_VirtualHardDiskSettingData’

Trying to copy a huge file out of a HyperVM late at night I naively went and right clicked “Mount” in Windows Explorer on the VHDX file. Unfortunately my VM had multiple checkpoints, which aren’t visible when browsing the VHDX. … Continue reading

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Faster Where-Object In PowerShell

One of the worst features of PowerShell for me is extremely slow performance in loops, especially using items like Where-Object { $_.Name –eq “value” } For performance critical loops I use inline C# Here is an example to search data … Continue reading

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Export Large Number of Users from ConfigMgr to CSV with PowerShell

Had a scenario where I required export of 50k+ users from ConfigMgr to do some analysis. However PowerShell cmdlet Get-CMUser just hung for an hour or more. Maybe it would eventually come back with a result, I don’t know… So … Continue reading

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Case of the Automatic Outlook Signature Configuration Failure

An environment was using logon batch file, that called a VBS to automatically configure Outlook signatures. The signature had a different image attached to the end of it dependent on current marketing campaign. One day it stopped working, manually running … Continue reading

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Case of the VBS Compilation Error–Invalid Character

Running a VBS script resulted in error Microsoft VBScript compilation error: Invalid character The line of code apparently containing invalid character was:     Const ForWriting = 2 Opening in a Hex Editor it was revealed the “spaces” before the word … Continue reading

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