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Start ProcMon During Boot on Machine You Can’t Logon

Sometimes you might want to run some tracing tools like ProcMon, xperf, wpr, netsh trace, etc on a machine that logon is not completing properly. Often you might be able to use PowerShell remoting, WMI, or psexec to get these … Continue reading

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Case of the Slow Downloads Folder

In Windows 10 on Surface Pro 4, performance is mostly pretty quick. But the first time opening Downloads folder after a restart it was very slow, taking 11 seconds just to display 114 files and 35 directories. To confirm issue … Continue reading

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Case Of The Outlook Search "No Results"

On a machine with Outlook 2010 to maintain Exchange 2003 support + Office Communicator 2007 R2 Client + Word/Excel/PowerPoint from Office 2013 (All non App-V installs) running on Windows 8 x64, Outlook search was totally broken: This is not a … Continue reading

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