Removing Integrity Check from a Setup.exe

We had an executable installer that had a forced reboot and no option to remove it via command line. We wanted to run it through a task sequence and allow the task sequence to handle the reboot.

Following the process below the reboot was removed easily

However this resulted in error message

NSIS Error

Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include
incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the
installer’s author to obtain a new copy.

More information at:


To remove the integrity check we opened EXE in IDA Pro and used Search Text function to find the error message


Selecting this an hitting ‘X’ we find the code using this reference:


Jumping to this code we can see the program jumps to this error message via loc_403889 label, so we select it and hit ‘X’ to reveal all the conditional jumps that result in an integrity check failure.


We select each one replacing them with bytes of value 90 (nop) which will ensure the integrity check failure code will never be reached. This is performed using IDA’s Edit –> Patch Program –> Change Byte command

The jg and jz instructions are replaced with 6 nop instructions, while the jnz short instructions are replaced with 2 nop instructions.


Resultant code changes will look something like this:









This process is continued until there are no more jumps to the integrity check.

Installer now launches fine:


Of course being a NSIS installer we could have just added /NCRC to the command line…

Next time we will look at how to retain the integrity check, but modify the checksum in installer to match our patches.

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