Performance Analysis Tool (PAL) PerfMon Templates Don’t Load in Win10

Using Performance Analysis Tool ( on Windows 10 build 10130 I had exported a PerfMon template for Calculated Disk IOPS:



However when attempting to import into PerfMon on Windows 10 the Next and Finish buttons are disabled.



If we hit “Back” arrow, then forward again, the Finish button is enabled, but clicking it results in error:

When attempting to create the Data Collector Set the following system error occurred:
Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.


Using Rohitab API Monitor with Windows Application UI Development monitoring on, I attached ApiMonitor to mmc.exe process hosting PerfMon.msc just before I imported the template.


We find this function call:

#    Time of Day    Thread    Module    API    Return Value    Error    Duration
636128    2:00:46.910 PM    3    PLA.dll    LoadStringW ( 0x00007ffeb0bf0000, 10027, 0x000000000904b200, 1024 )    0    0 = The operation completed successfully.     0.0000226



Looking at MSDN documentation for LoadString we can see it returns 0 if the resource does not exist.

Using a simple test script  based on the one here

We can on Server 2008 R2 the values are there:


However on Windows 10 :


Dumping all resource strings in the DLL, we find in Windows 10, these strings are no longer present at all.

Sample script here:!28213&authkey=!AGecn7l_8oE95uU&ithint=file%2czip

So we changed the XML file to have a blank description.





Now it imports fine…

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3 Responses to Performance Analysis Tool (PAL) PerfMon Templates Don’t Load in Win10

  1. robin says:

    i wonder how did you know Using Rohitab API Monitor with Windows Application UI Development ,

    and then found there is something wrong with LoadString API???

    all these guess is base on your experience or other else?

    • Yes for experience, but Windows UI will collect message box errors etc and is very useful to see an error message then step backwards. As for LoadString failures they are often suspicious, but you need to know the API in the first place to pick this up in API Monitor

      • When a program is displaying error messages or strange GUI behaviour I always use Windows Application UI tracing option (potentially in conjunction with other options) reviewing my other blog articles on API monitor there will be more examples of this

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