Case of the Win10 Windows Performance Recorder Trace That Wouldn’t Stop

Disk space kept rapidly disappearing on my C: drive…

Using WinDirStat ( it was evident majority was taken up by 40GB+ ETL files in my TEMP folder.

Running wpr –status showed no traces running


Searching registry with RegScanner ( ) for the filename of the filename WPR_initiated_WprApp_WPR Event Collector.etl we found the culprits under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WMI\AutoLogger under keys

  • WPR_initiated_WprApp_WPR Event Collector
  • WPR_initiated_WprApp_WPR System Collector

Checking the GUID subkeys and looking at provider name we could see it was monitoring the following providers:

  • Microsoft-Antimalware-Engine
  • Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Client
  • Microsoft-Windows-URLMon
  • Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Core
  • Microsoft-Windows-NCSI
  • Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
  • Microsoft-Windows-WinINet
  • Microsoft-JScript
  • Microsoft-IEFRAME
  • Microsoft-Windows-BootUX
  • Microsoft-Antimalware-Service
  • IE7
  • Microsoft-Windows-Win32k
  • Microsoft-Antimalware-RTP
  • Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig
  • Microsoft-IE
  • Microsoft-Windows-PDC
  • Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-EventTracing
  • Microsoft-Antimalware-AMFilter
  • Microsoft-Windows-ProcessStateManager
  • Microsoft-Windows-DotNETRuntime
  • Microsoft-Antimalware-Protection
  • Microsoft-Windows-BrokerInfrastructure

Best of all max file size was set to 0 (unlimited):


Not sure how this trace got started, but removing the keys stopped it taking up all my disk space…

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One Response to Case of the Win10 Windows Performance Recorder Trace That Wouldn’t Stop

  1. If you want to do ETW tracing, you should be using UIforETW (Bruce Dawson built it to trace chrome, but it works for everything) – It’d probably prevent things like this from happening – which you can find here:

    (shameless self-plug)
    Oh, and, if WinDirStat is to slow, you can always try my fork:

    (/shameless self-plug)

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