Case of the Black Background Window (.NET Patching)

On Windows XP  a Windows form had a white background, something like this:


However on Windows 8 it had a black background like this, making text on the form unreadable:



This is a common AppCompat bug…where the developer instead of selecting “White” to make a Windows form background, selected Active Caption Text.


This is a change from the default Control


If the source code is not available/developer can’t patch it, there are a few ways we can fix this. We can change Active Title Bar colour back to White on a Windows 7 machine, save it as a .themepack and apply it to Windows 8 or later.




Patching .NET EXE directly:

1) Open EXE in ILDasm and click File –> Dump then select the default settings. ILDasm is found in the Windows SDK, it will be in a folder similar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v10.0A\bin\NETFX 4.6 Tools\

2) Open the .IL file in a text editor and search replace





Typically you will only want to replace those that just precede a set_BackColor

call       valuetype [System.Drawing]System.Drawing.Color [System.Drawing]System.Drawing.SystemColors::get_ActiveCaptionText()
callvirt   instance void [System.Windows.Forms]System.Windows.Forms.Control::set_BackColor(valuetype [System.Drawing]System.Drawing.Color)


call       valuetype [System.Drawing]System.Drawing.Color [System.Drawing]System.Drawing.SystemColors::get_Control()
callvirt   instance void [System.Windows.Forms]System.Windows.Forms.Control::set_BackColor(valuetype [System.Drawing]System.Drawing.Color)


3) We then recompile the EXE, using ilasm which lives in the .NET framework directories, specifying the IL file and the .RES file output from ILDASM


c:\windows\\Framework\v2.0.50727\ilasm /RESOURCE=WorkflowApplication.res

4) You program should now be fixed!

For more patching examples refer to

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