Force Skype for Business UI

If you receive a message like this:

You have the newer version of Lync called Skype for Business. However, your admin would like you to use Lync or it’s the only version your server supports. Please restart now to use Lync.


If you select “Restart later” you can use the Skype UI and everything seems to work, but on restarting Lync you are back to the old Lync UI.

The proper way to change this is on the Lync backend.

But if you don’t have access to it a temporary workaround is to set EnableSkypeUI to 00 00 00 01 under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Lync


However this will get reset back to 0 each time you launch Skype for Business.

To fix this, set it to 1, then deny your user account “Set Value” permission. Do this by right clicking Lync folder in registry and select Permissions –> Advanced –> Add, then select Advanced permissions and Deny Set Value.


You will still get the prompt to restart Skype into Lync mode, just that it will always remain in Skype UI.

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4 Responses to Force Skype for Business UI

  1. Thanks so much! I much prefer the new UI :)

  2. mike says:

    you can add the key SuppressUIChangeDialog = 1 to keep from getting the warning at start.

  3. Jason Weaver says:

    Agree with Paul, the new UI is better. I was being forced to go back to 2013 by company policy. I followed this and it helped but that darn message kept appearing. So, I did the Advanced as you stated, Denyed everyone, and removed inheritance….that seemed to do the trick, no more message and the new UI works every time…thanks.
    Jason W.

  4. debasis says:

    Thanks Mike , seems your method is too working for me as well

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