Case of the Chineseification of WinRT apps

So I added two Chinese input methods to my Windows 8 Enterprise x64 (en-GB) system…


Please note, I did not add Chinese as a display language. And my desktop UI remains in English…

However WinRT apps…some (but not all) are in Chinese…In email the default folders had switched to Chinese


Finance app was in Chinese…


Calendar was in Chinese…


Internet Explorer remained in English…


Store was in English…


Settings was in English and English keyboard was selected…


Full settings page was in English, and couldn’t find any setting about Chinese


I launched ProcMon ( and then launched and affected app that wasn’t already running

I found the process ID of one of these WinRT apps using Task Manager, selecting the icon, right clicking and select ‘Go to details’ (Task manager must be in expanded view for this option to be available)


Ok here it is, process ID 7164


I then set my procmon to filter on PID is 7164


Knowing that Chinese is usually referred to with a ZH prefix (for ZHong wen = 中文 = Chinese [language])

Adding filter to log Details contains ZH I found these keys.


I noticed the order en-AU, zh-Hans-CN, and then finally en-GB which was the current display language…

It seems like some of these apps are checking for a display language in the order of user profile languages, irrespective of whether they are display language or not. Since most people don’t bother to write in true blue aussie language…none of these apps had en-AU language available. But next on the list was Chinese, so they displayed in Chinese.

This was proven by re-ordering the input languages with the display language set as first:


Problem solved!

My Windows 8 apps had mostly reverted back to English…(after they restarted…i.e. killed in task manager, waited to die on their own, or logged off/on)


Finance app…


Thankfully this had the issue all sorted out

But why…

I suspect these new advanced language settings have something to do with it…

In Clock, Language and Region control panel item select Advanced Settings


Here we had selected Use The Language List


For people using US English this will not be an issue, as almost all apps have this language already there…but for those of us with alternate versions of English + multiple IMEs will get this issue, unless you override Windows display language here, or Ensure the common English IME (EN-US/EN-GB is set first)

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specializes in end-user computing technologies. disclaimer 1) use at your own risk. test any solution in your environment. if you do not understand the impact/consequences of what you're doing please stop, and ask advice from somebody who does. 2) views are my own at the time of posting and do not necessarily represent my current view or the view of my employer and family members/relatives. 3) over the years Microsoft/Citrix/VMWare have given me a few free shirts, pens, paper notebooks/etc. despite these gifts i will try to remain unbiased.
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