PowerShell Script to Detect If NIC Supports Win8 Network Kernel Debugging

So you’ve tried USB cable debugging and the nightmarish hell that is (or were smart & didn’t try). And your PCs no longer have serial ports. (And yes it’s too slow) So thankfully we finally get network based kernel debugging! Hopefully your network card is supported! Based on list published on MSDN here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/hh830880

And based on vendor IDs published here http://www.pcidatabase.com

So first I map the vendors to their vendor IDs

Vendor Name Vendor ID
Realtek 0x10EC
Intel 0x8086
Broadcom 0x14E4

I then enumerate the network interface cards using Get-NetAdapter and retrieve the Vendor ID and Device ID from the ComponentID field.

This is probably not an ideal way; as if they update the list this script will not work correctly without an update. But for now it’s easier than checking against the online list of supported network cards.

Download script here http://www.tiange.com.au/NetworkTest.zip

In action:


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