Using ZunePass on Windows Developer Preview

If you try to use playback Zune Pass content on Windows Developer Preview you may experience some of Zune’s wonderfully helpful error messages such as:

Media Usage Rights Error — C00D12F5

According to Zune Support page ( this typically occurs when a component of the Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) system on your computer is missing or damaged and needs to be replaced or upgraded.

However this article has no advice on a fix, but suggests search Microsoft Support Knowledge base.

Searching that you may come across Error message when trying to sign in to or play content from the Zune Marketplace 

This article refers to a ResetDRM tool, however this fails to run on Windows Developer Preview. If you set it to run in Windows Vista compatibility mode it will then bomb out because you don’t have Windows Media Player 11 installed.

So what to do? This is how I got Zune protected content to play successfully on Windows Developer Preview x64:

1) Install latest Zune client from

2) Ensure your location setting in Windows matches that of your Live ID & your computer time is correct for configured time zone

3) Download ResetDRM tool from

Warning This procedure affects all media files on the computer that use Windows Media DRM technology. The effect of this procedure is not limited to media files that you obtained from the Zune Marketplace. If you follow this procedure, content licenses for all protected media files on the hard disk are deleted. Other providers, such as, Napster, Netflix, MSN Music, and Wal-Mart, may have mechanisms for restoring licenses. If you have content from other providers, examine the appropriate license restoration policies before you continue.

Then run the following command to extract the contents, where /T specifies the extract folder:

ResetDRM /T:%temp%\ResetDRM /C

4) Ensure Windows Media Player & Zune client are not running then from the extracted folder run

CleanDRM /v

This should bring up a notepad display with a message of what just happened. Importantly you should see CleanDRM succeeded at the end of the log file:


5) You may now also receive errors such as :

Usage-rights Error — C00D11D0
Usage-rights Error — C00D1385

Missing License Error — C00D0BBE

This can be caused by not having an internet connection or not being signed into Windows Live ID in the Zune client. You must see your Live ID name in the upper left corner of Zune client:


In addition your computer name should be listed in Settings –> Account –> Computers & Devices section


You may also need to perform a certificate revocation list update. To do this visit and if prompted accept installation of ActiveX control. Then click the Upgrade button. If successful you should see the following page


OK now I can go back to enjoying my 30 GB+ ZunePass music collection on Windows Developer Preview…

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One Response to Using ZunePass on Windows Developer Preview

  1. Thank you! says:

    I work for Microsoft and I’ve been struggling with Zune support for the past week. This is the ONLY article that has helped me clear and fix my DRM issues after I switched credit cards on my Zune Pass.

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